The Historical Context


Preface: Nature of Painting

  On Zeuxis the Painter


From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

Mary P. Merrifield


Medieval and Renaissance Treatises on the Arts of Painting, chap. 1 of introduction

Master Peter of St. Audemar
  On Making Colours, 150-51
Cennino d'Andrea Cennini
  Il Libro dell'Arte (The Craftsman's Handbook), chaps. 1-34


Byzantine Style

12th-Century Italy:




13th-Century Italy:

Bonaventura Berlinghiero



13th-Century Italy:

Coppo di Marcovaldo



14th-Century Italy:

Master of the Orcagnesque Misericordia



14th-Century Russia:




Gothic Style

13th-Century Italy:




14th-Century Italy:

Andrea da Firenze


14th-Century Netherlands:

Melchior Broederlam



15th-Century Netherlands:

The Limbourg Brothers



15th-Century Flemish:

Robert Campin



15th/16th-Century Netherlands:

Hieronymus Bosch




Matthias Grunewald





The Madonna




Early Renaissance in Italy


Giotto di Bondone




Benozzo Gozzoli


Filippo Lippi




Additional Reading

John Addington Symonds, Renaissance in Italy, The Fine Arts



Byzantine Icons

Byzantine Icons, A Brief Guide

The Gothic Style

The International Gothic Style

World's Great Madonnas

Giotto di Bondone, Biography

Masaccio: The Life, The Genius, The Works





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