Lesson 9: Guest Lecture

Wu Hsing-kuo




Wu Hsing-kuo is a master of traditional Chinese opera and well-versed in modern dance forms and in avant-garde theatre. He established the Contemporary Legend Theatre (CLT) in 1986, aiming at revitalizing the ancient tradition of Beijing opera. CLT has adapted four Shakespeare plays in the form of Beijing opera--Macbeth (The Kingdom of Desire), Hamlet (War and Eternity), King Lear (Lear Alone), and The Tempest. In addition, CLT has also staged traditional plays and adaptations of other Western


masterpieces, including Greek tragedy Medea (Lolan Nu) and Oresteia. The last one is directed by Richard Schechner. CLT incoporates elements from both East and West, ancient and modern, and creates a novel theatre that is musical, physical, and spectacular. It is often philosophical and political as well. Its impact on the cultural circles in Taiwan is enormous. Wu has also been in modern spoken plays, movies, and TV. He is considered a most versatile artist.





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